Team Lock UC Announcement

Author:youlive pubDate:2018-05-28 18:51 Source:Original

Dear UC fans:
        The YouLive team currently holds a 20% share of YouLive Coin (UC), a total of 2,000,000,000 UC. The lock period starts on the next day after 6 months from the date of YouLive Coin release date (January 16, 2018 Singapore time) and is unlocked by 25% every six months.
         After consultation within the team, in order to express the team's confidence in the project, the team owner unanimously decided to extend the lock-in cycle of the team's share. The team unconditionally locked up for 2 years. After two years, the right to unlock was granted on the following day. The first rights day was Singapore time March 19, 2020. It was divided into four groups and unlocked. The cycle was unlocked by 25% every quarter.
         Disclosed here is the team's holding share of the lock-up address to facilitate public supervision:
YouLive Foundation
March 20, 2018