Author:youlive pubDate:2018-05-28 18:52 Source:Original

Due to the recent large fluctuations in the secondary market, the Foundation found that the transaction prices of UC could not correctly reflect the value and could not reasonably reflect the actual conditions of the project.

In order to protect the interests of the community and enhance the confidence of UC holders, based on the confidence in the development prospects of the YouLive project and the high recognition of the project value, the YouLive Foundation will repurchase UC through the Exchange for the community's future ecological construction.

The specific content of this buyback is as follows:

Ø The purpose of the buyback

The foundation expresses its confidence in the value of UC through the repurchase program,improve the confidence of the holders in the project and promote the value of UC to reflect a reasonable secondary market price.

Ø The way of the buyback

Foundation will buyback UC on exchanges including BCEX/HADAX/BIT-Z.

Ø Use of buyback

The UC for this buyback will be dominated by the Foundation and will be mainly used for the ecological construction of YouLive.

Ø The quantity of buybacks

The Foundation will buy back no less than 500 million UCs through the Exchanges.

Ø Stored address after buyback


Ø buyback deadline

The Foundation formulate UC specific buyback plans based on market changes. The buyback period is completed within six months from the date of this announcement.

YouLive Foundation